Meet Alaina

A'Shevonne was born from my desire to make a product that was natural and free of dyes, chemicals, and all of the things that I couldn't pronounce, that never seem to last a hour let alone throughout the day.

I wanted to have something so natural that if my nieces and nephews got into it I didn't have to panic!

Like most companies it began as a thought but has become so much more. A'Shevonne established in 2010, uses all natural butters, organic base oils, and essential oils. We make products that are effective and simple in ingredients. It is important to us because what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. I am A'Shevonne and it is me. I am an aunt, I am a sister, I am a friend, and I am a creator. I believe in "Moisturizing the world one body at a time". I hope that you enjoy my product as much as I enjoy creating them for you! Thank you for stopping by! Sincerely, A'Shevonne


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